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Matrix Block Matrix Block Matrix Block
01. Commercial Units on Prominent Corner
02. View of Residential Units
03. Communal Courtyard
Bath University Masterplan
Matrix Block
Mixed Use Urban Block
BArch Year 1

Having designed a masterplan for part of Bradford City centre, the next project was to design one of the urban blocks in the masterplan to a detailed design stage. The images and drawings show the end result, a mixed use perimeter block with retail on ground floor and residential and offices above. The offices are confined to the section of the block fronting the main road, creating a band of commercial accommodation at the front of the block (expressed in dark grey concrete) and a band of residential units at the rear (made with a beige concrete).

Bradford Masterplan Bradford Masterplan Bradford Masterplan
01. Existing Context Retained
02. Superimposed Urban Grid
03. Perimeter Block Types
Bradford Masterplan
Bradford Masterplan
Urban Study and Design
BArch Year 1

This project brief was to design a masterplan for Bradford City centre. The approach taken here was a build up of layers. Starting with the existing context to be retained, then superimposing an urban grid (informed by the context, green spaces, surroundings and routes) and finally imposing the perimeter block type on the grid. Within this block type there are three sub-types: the block as a building, the block as a collection of buildings and the block incorporating an existing building.

Bradford Masterplan Bradford Masterplan Bradford Masterplan
04. Masterplan Aerial View
05. New Green Space
06. Monument Block and Public Space
Housing Scheme Housing Scheme Housing Scheme
01. Housing Scheme Street
02. Housing Scheme Communal Space
03. Housing Scheme Vine Street Elevation
Housing Scheme
Housing Scheme and Primary School
Urban Study and Design
BArch Year 1

As part of an urban study project in Liverpool, we were asked to design a primary school and a housing scheme on the same site. We were to investigate the similarities and differences in locating two very different building types on the same urban site. With the primary school we split the two key stages up, creating two separate playgrounds with relevant classrooms off them. The admin and public face of the school was kept to the front, next to the main road. The housing included 3 and 2 bedroom villas and an apartment block, creating a new pedestrianised street and communal green space.

Housing Scheme Primary School Primary School
04. Housing Scheme Aerial View
05. Primary School Playground
06. Primary School Front
Primary School Primary School
07. Primary School Classroom
08. Primary School Aerial View
Baptist Church Hockey Stadium Office Building
01. Baptist Church
02. Hockey Stadium
03. Office Building
Scott Brownrigg
Scott Brownrigg
Work Placement
July '05 - December '05

I worked for Scott Brownrigg in Guildford, Surrey, for six months in 2005, after Graduating from the University of Bath in the summer. All the images here were done by myself on a combination of either Sketchup, Autodesk Viz and Piranesi. I actually helped design the Hockey Stadium, the office building in Llanelli and parts of the DTR Package 2 hub. I had a great time working at Scott Brownrigg and worked on a variety of different scale and interesting projects - from MoD masterplans, to one-bedroom apartments!

Ruislip School Officer's Mess DTR Package 2
04. Ruislip School
05. Officer's Mess
06. DTR Package 2 Hub
Mendips Archaeological Centre Mendips Archaeological Centre Mendips Archaeological Centre
01. The site
02. Plan
03. SW elevation and section
Mendips Archaeological Centre
Mendip Archaeological Society Centre
Year 4 Bsc Architecture

The brief was primarily to design a permanent, purpose built building for the Mendip Archaeological Society, while also providing a start and/or finish point for walkers in the area. The building had to sit modestly next to lead mining ruins and reflect its industrial past. The structure had to touch the ground lightly due to archaeological work still in progress around the site. However, I also wanted it to add to the history of man-made insertions on the landscape and in some way be a monument to the past. Therefore the archive is made of black 'lead slag' concrete and is a marked addition to the site.

Mendips Archaeological Centre Mendips Archaeological Centre Mendips Archaeological Centre
04. NE elevation and pavilion drawings
05. Model photos and wireframe model
06. Construction sequence and drawings
Bristol Airport Hotel Bristol Airport Hotel Bristol Airport Hotel
01. Main atrium space
02. Restaurant
03. View from terminal
Bristol Airport Hotel
Bristol Airport Hotel
Year 4 Bsc Architecture

The brief for this project was to design an airport hotel for Bristol International with ¬ïˆÄ¬½¬ïˆÄ¬½a paradigmatic contemporary building type, a complex program,24/7 use pattern, and a problematic energy profile.¬ïˆÄ¬½¬ïˆÄ¬½ The aims of the project were to firstly work in an integrated and co-operative way with our design team members from both architecture and structural backgrounds and secondly, to focus on environmental and tectonic aspects of the building design.

Bristol Airport Hotel Bristol Airport Hotel Bristol Airport Hotel
04. View from reception area
05. Bedroom view
06. View of entrance
Bristol Airport Hotel
Animation Movies

Large 9.4mb
Small 4.9mb

Bristol Airport Hotel Bristol Airport Hotel Bristol Airport Hotel
07. "Tree" column joint detail
08. Computer model showing typical construction
09. Computer model of a stage of construction
Bath University Masterplan Bath University Masterplan Bath University Masterplan
01. Management school proposal
02. Existing campus computer model
03. Proposed campus computer model
Bath University Masterplan
Work Placement
April '04 - Sept ' 04

After having a handful of masterplans commissioned at great expense and limited gain, the University of Bath decided that rather than commissioning another masterplan from an external architect or consultant, it would be better to have a permanent small internal masterplanning group. I was employed along with three other people as part of this new group during April 2004 for the duration of five months.

Bones Bones Bones
01. Top deck of bridge leading to city
02. View from up river
03. View from river of arrival point
Year 3 Bsc Architecture

The brief for this project was to design a bridge which would act as a crossing for people arriving in the city of Bath by river taxi. We worked in groups, which included engineers, to produce a working structure. The bridge, as well as being an arriving point and entrance to the city, had to incorporate a small cafe on it.

Bones Bones Bones
04. View down bridge cafe
05. Bridge Cafe
06. View accross internal bridge to cafe
Animation Movies

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Small 4.3mb

Bones Bones Bones
07. Site plan
08. Bridge plan
09. Longitudinal section
Skin Skin Skin
01. Bath glass filled model gabion
02. Stone filled model gabion
03. Installation piece
Year 3 Bsc Architecture

This project was entitled 'skin', meaning in this case the visible interior and exterior surfaces of a building. We were asked to choose one surface material and investigate it in various ways. We had to use our chosen material to create a piece of work in a way that helped us understand its inherent qualities and then we designed a pavilion expressing what we had learnt on a larger scale, in a more identifiably 'architectural' way.

Skin Skin Skin
04. Interior view of cafe
05. Cafe servery
06. External view of pavilion
Animation Movies

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Small 3.5mb

Skin Skin Skin
07. View of pavilion from road opposite
08. External view of pavilion
09. External view of pavilion
Sculpture Gallery Sculpture Gallery Sculpture Gallery
01. Plan view of model
02. Model of gallery
03. Hand drawn plans and sections
Sculpture Gallery
Sculpture Gallery
Year 2 Bsc Architecture

The brief was for a small, public gallery for contemporary sculpture. The gallery was intended for touring exhibitions, specific exhibitions generated by the gallery and all activities concerned with contemporary three-dimensional art. The building could not restrict the type of art, which may include installations of any type - light shows, sound experiences, fabric and tapestry, performance art, furniture, film, video etc.